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About us


Pasargard Radin  Technology Co. comprised of leading experts in the various branches of its activity which the most important goal of the company is development and technology.

Radin company’s main activities have been divided into three main sectors of business, advertising, research , which each section is dedicated to different executive parts in Radin company to be done.

Commercial Department :  Group of expert in the field of Business and Also experienced , who are trying to do the business So they can have the best services to various companies, and public and private sector as well as the people’s offer

Research Department : One of the ultimate goals of the company is activities in the field of research and also Investing in Best ideas to flourish in all scientific fields.

Advertising Department :Advertising Section is one of the most specialized areas of  Radin Company’s activity ,this section in turn includes several other departments in its executive area which each one has a specific program to be implemented.